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Overview of the Youth Frontiers Mentoring Program


Youth Frontiers Mentoring Program

The Youth Frontiers Mentoring Program is an initiative of the NSW State Government for young people in Year 8 and 9 to benefit from mentoring and gain life skills by being involved with their community.

Southern Sydney Business Education Network (SSBEN), is implementing this program across 11 electorates in the Sydney Region.

SSBEN link students with screened and trained adult mentors who help them to build life skills and self-confidence while working collaboratively on a community project.

The student can choose a project of interest to them from themes such as:

*Community Harmony
*Empowering Women
*Youth Mental Health and there is a General category.

SSBEN offer FREE Mentor Training, conduct the screening, and match mentors with students that have similar interests close to home/work.

To find out more about how you can become a Youth Frontiers Mentor and start giving back to your community, email info@ssben.com.au today!

Find out more at the Sydney Parents Home page : http://www.sydneyparents.com.au