On Tuesday 6th August, Heathcote High School’s year 11 Hospitality students were lucky enough to participate in a Knife Skills workshop presented by Smithy’s Brasserie, Engadine Bowling Club.

The ClubEDU program is an initiative to connect schools with local clubs, with the objective to address and improve current and future shortages of Hospitality staff. HSC Hospitality students connecting with local clubs will build relationships and encourage the development of potential future employees and enhance the perception of the Hospitality industry.

Chef Brendon set up in the kitchens at Heathcote High School and demonstrated techniques on knife care, sharpening, as well as teaching the students various ways to slice and dice vegetables.

Students were then given the opportunity to try all the different cuts themselves to prepare for a minestrone soup they were making in class.

This was a great experience for the students to learn from an experienced chef and ask lots of questions. Brendon gave them all feedback to improve their techniques. Smithy’s Brasserie are also a proud supporter of the Student Workplace Learning program hosting many students in the Engadine Bowling Club from the Sutherland Shire.

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