Preparing Students for Work Placement

Work Placement is the compulsory component of a HSC ICF VET course that requires students to complete a work placement for one week during year 11 and one week during year 12. This is an exciting time for students as it allows them to utilise the skills they have been learning at school, in a real workplace.

For students to get the most from their work placement it’s important they are prepared. Many past participants have gone on to receive job offers from host employers which can make work placement the first step in a long and exciting career. We have put together some important information that will assist you to prepare your students for this valuable learning opportunity.


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Registering for Work Placement Services

Understanding the Process

To help you navigate the process, we’ve outlined below so you that you know what to expect:

  • Teachers will be provided with a teacher login and password as well as a 5 digit class registration code for each VET Class
  • Teachers provide the 5 digit class registration code to each student for them to register by the last day of Term 1. Students will have a different class registration code for each VET course they are studying
  • Teachers can review who has registered through the Pathways Database. Students that fail to register by the end of Term 1 may not be offered a placement by SSBEN
  • Approximately 8 weeks before the students are scheduled to commence work placement, your SSBEN Work Placement Coordinator will send a list of available venues. Teachers allocate students to an appropriate venue and notify SSBEN
  • Your SSBEN Work Placement Coordinator will create all necessary documents for you to distribute to each student
  • SSBEN will send a reminder email to you one week prior to the work placement. Each student is required to call their host employer and confirm their attendance
  • If one of your students is unable to attend the work placement please contact us to discuss organising another placement as soon as possible
  • The class teacher is required to call or visit each student to check on the students’ progress during the week of placement
  • After the placement, we ask teachers and students to complete a survey to provide feedback to continue to improve our service

Help Students Prepare for Work Placement with a FREE Information Session

SSBEN provide a FREE “Are you ready?” information session. One of our professional team members will present to your class delivering an interactive presentation. They will discuss:

  • How to prepare for work placement
  • The Student Work Placement Journal
  • The importance of punctuality
  • Getting the most from their experience

Meet Our Work Placement Coordinators

Our team of Work Placement Coordinators are here to help you during all stages of work placement. They are dedicated to helping the students make the most out of their time at work placement, feel free to contact them with your questions.

Cathryn Krause
Work Placement Coordinator

Proud and dedicated mum, raising awareness for Type 1 Diabetes. Enjoying the wild ride of raising 3 young, sports mad, energetic boys.

Ingrid de Vries
Work Placement Coordinator

When I am not at work, I enjoy gardening, cooking and socialising with family and friends. I also find I have more time now to explore Sydney and plan adventures around this big country we live in.

Kate Giatras
Work Placement Coordinator

I enjoy socialising and entertaining with friends and family. And capturing memories to treasure forever, especially the holidays with my family.

Rebecca Hewitt
Work Placement Coordinator

Highly organised mum of 2 kids, balancing work and family life while always planning the next adventure.

Useful Resources
for Teachers


Business Resources

Skills Road

Senior Pathways



Mock Interviews

A job interview is one of the most important aspects of the job search for students. Building good skills in this area will assist students to be ready during this vital stage. To help students prepare and ensure they are able to secure the best jobs SSBEN provide a Mock Interview training program.

VET Teacher Workshops

Each year we offer a free workshop to teachers who may benefit from learning more about the Work Placement process. These workshops are usually held in Term 1 and are designed for teachers who may be new to our service region or delivering VET for the first time. The topics covered range from general information about SSBEN and our responsibilities to specific details about processing and accessing paperwork. Sessions are available to all schools in our service region and can be tailored to individual needs.

Career Explorer Industry Visits

SSBEN can work with schools to arrange industry visits for students to gain a visual experience of workplaces.  Through our large range of contacts we can organise industry specific group visits to suitable businesses.  Students will have the opportunity to see employees at work; ask questions; and learn more about the career pathway in to an industry.

We have a number of businesses that are keen to give students an insight in to how they operate and the type of skills and qualifications that they look for when recruiting for their teams. We can cater for groups from 10 – 30 students, and cover various industries and locations around Sydney. Multiple visits can be organised for the one day, however schools will need to arrange their own transportation of students.

Contact us now to see how we can assist your school arrange a Career Explorer Industry Visit.

Some of our Host Employers

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