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The primary focus of everything we do at Southern Sydney Business Education Network (SSBEN) is designed to help students to find meaningful employment and begin their journey in tomorrow’s workforce. The services we offer include:

Work Placement

Students undertaking Vocational Education & Training through their school or TAFE must complete 2 weeks of mandatory work placement as part of their course. This is usually done in two blocks of one week. The first in year 11 and the second at the beginning of year 12.

Work placement is an excellent opportunity for students to put all the information they have learned during their course into practice, in a real workplace.

Mock Interviews

Students need to master job interviews in order to get the best jobs in a competitive job market.  Job interviews can be daunting and it can be hard to recognise the right answers to some of those tricky interview questions, especially when dealing with nerves.

To help master this skill we offer a Mock Interview program that provides real interview experience with volunteer employers. Students participate in a job interview, they are asked the questions that potential employers will ask, and after the interview they receive comprehensive feedback along with tips and guidance

Work Readiness Presentations

To help students prepare for work placement SSBEN offer free in-class presentations.  One of our consultants will visit the class and discuss what students need to do to prepare for work placement. It is a great opportunity for students that are feeling anxious to ask questions and for the entire class to understand what they can expect and how to maximise their experience with the host employer.

Work placement is a fantastic opportunity for students, it lets them experience what it will be like working in their chosen field. Being prepared will assist them to get more from the process.

Career Explorer Industry Visits

SSBEN can work with schools to arrange industry visits for students to gain a visual experience of workplaces.  Through our large range of contacts we can organise industry specific group visits to suitable businesses.  Students will have the opportunity to see employees at work; ask questions; and learn more about the career pathway in to an industry.

We have a number of businesses that are keen to give students an insight in to how they operate and the type of skills and qualifications that they look for when recruiting for their teams. We can cater for groups from 10 – 30 students, and cover various industries and locations around Sydney. Multiple visits can be organised for the one day, however schools will need to arrange their own transportation of students.

Contact us now to see how we can assist your school arrange a Career Explorer Industry Visit.

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